What is the Chronic Fatigue Protocol?

The Chronic Fatigue Protocol (CFP) is a proven step-by-step methodology that helps people with chronic fatigue, and other unexplained illnesses, regain their vitality through diet, supplementation, sleep, detoxification, and brain training.

The CFP is a system with principles to rebuild your cellular energy and heal your nervous system. The approach will help you regain your energy so you can reclaim your life. Whether you are officially suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Long Covid, an unexplained illness, or are simply burn tout these principles will get you back up and running.

You landed here because you are frustrated and scared. The goal is to no longer have to give up many of the things you love, getting through the day is a struggle, and you don't want to rely on others for support.  You have been unwell for a while and are scared you are never going to start to feel better. We will change that.

CFP gives you the tools and information you need to start to feel better. However, this is not a quick fix approach because there is no quick fix but there is a path to healing. The CFP is a roadmap so you can make progress step-by-step.  Little steps each day result in large progress overtime. These small incremental steps over time will have you making huge progress in terms of your energy and quality of life.

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What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is a complex and debilitating disease of unknown etiology. ME/CFS is characterized by persistent or relapsing unexplained fatigue of at least 6-months duration that is not alleviated by rest and results in a substantial reduction in previous levels of occupational, educational, social, and personal activities. In ME/CFS patients, fatigue is just one of multiple incapacitating symptoms that include cognitive impairment, post-exertional malaise, unrefreshing sleep, headaches, muscle aches, joint pain, sore throats, lymphadenopathy, hypersensitivity to noise, light, or certain food items, and autonomic disturbances. The Institute of Medicine proposed a new definition for ME/CFS and a new name: “systemic exertion intolerance disease” (SEID).[1]


  • Fatigue – persistent fatigue not relieved by rest
  • Post-exertional Malaise – this is the hallmark symptom of chronic fatigue.  After there is significant physical, emotional, or mental exertion there is a crash anywhere from 12-72 hours after such exertion.
  • Sleep – unrefreshing, disturbed sleep, can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep, jolting up in the middle of the night
  • Pain
  • Autonomic – orthostatic intolerance, POTS, dizziness, lightheaded, extreme pallor, palpitations
  • Neuroendocrine – low temperature, heat intolerance, weight change
  • Immune problems – recurrent flu, sore throat, sensitive to food and odors or chemicals

Healing Approach

This approach is taking two main problems into consideration and proposes a solution.  The first is that there is a Mitochondrial energy production problem.  The second is dysfunction with the Autonomic Nervous System. These problems share the root of inflammation. The root cause dysfunctions are addressed to heal the body and regain energy and your life back.  The Chronic Fatigue Protocol uses Five pillars to support healing to tackle inflammation, mitochondrial energy, and the autonomic nervous system.

Jump on Board

Our goal is to provide you with enough information and tools that give you some optimism.  Optimism that you can get your life back and you do not have to accept the way you feel as finite.  The protocol is going to take work but you can get your life back.

Start now by downloading our 5 Simple Steps To Relieving Chronic Fatigue and start today on your


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